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Refik Anadol | Machine Hallucinations: Nature Dreams / AI Data Sculpture

Refik Anadol | Machine Hallucinations: Nature Dreams / AI Data Sculpture

Refik Anadol | Machine Hallucinations: Nature Dreams / AI Data Sculpture | König Galerie | 6.11.- 17.12.2021 Video Documentation: Canan Çengel MACHINE HALLUCINATIONS — NATURE DREAMS, designed specifically for KÖNIG GALERIE, comprises three novel aesthetic approaches to a vast photographic dataset of nature: A giant data sculpture displaying machine-generated, dynamic pigments of nature titled NATURE DREAMS, four new series of data paintings, and WINDS OF BERLIN, a site-specific, public art projection on the tower of ST. AGNES which will be created based on environmental real-time data collected from the city. Anadol is a pioneer in the world of rare digital art and crypto collectibles, minting the first fully immersive digital artwork NFT in September 2021. For KÖNIG GALERIE he creates unique NFT options: the AI data sculpture NATURE DREAMS, and his public projection, WINDS OF BERLIN, which will mark the first time a generative public artwork in Berlin to be offered in NFT form. An architectural exhibition of synesthetic reality experiments based on GAN algorithms developed by artificial intelligence and inspired by fluid dynamics, NATURE DREAMS turns datasets into latent multi-sensory experiences to commemorate the beauty of the earth we share. The exhibition’s eponymous, sublime AI Data Sculpture, Nature Dreams utilizes over 300 million publicly available photographs of nature collected between 2018- 2021 at Refik Anadol Studio. Combined, this represents the largest raw dataset of nature ever gathered for an artwork, which was then used to train a GAN AI algorithm. The resulting AI Data Painting incorporates pigments, shapes, and patterns that we associate with nature, but only exist in the mind of a machine as dreams. Each variation features a stunning visual interpretation, together forming a multi- faceted reflection of the nuanced relationship between technology, humanity, and culture. With the assistance of the Google AI Quantum team, Anadol was granted access to one of the world’s foremost quantum computing research projects all- owing him to merge AI-induced latent space with a quantum hyperspace, and thus speculate an alternative reality through the lens of nature aesthetics. Credits

 Carrie He
 Christian Burke
 Daniel Seungmin Lee 
Efsun Erkilic
 Kerim Karaoglu 
Pelin Kivrak
 Ho Man Leung
 Nidhi Parsana
 Raman K. Mustafa
 Rishabh Chakrabarty
 Toby Heinemann
 Yufan Xie Video Documentation: Canan Çengel Thanks to: 

KÖNIG GALERIE Johann and Lena König 
Dogukan Yesilcimen VVVV Team
 Praxis Team 
FUSE Team 
AnalogNative 11/06/2021 – 12/17/2021
 König Gallery,
 St. Agnes, Berlin, DE
Augmented Structures v1.1 | Making Of

Augmented Structures v1.1 | Making Of

Augmented Structures v1.1 | Acoustic Formations of Istiklal Street Architecture and (Media) Design are art forms that exist independently from one another. Over the last few years they have been growing together. They are entering into symbiotic dependencies and stimulations. Against the background of the information technologies, architecture has gained a new reality. No longer are objects or processes the constituting elements of a building. Now they are described as technical networks of communicating nodes, which balance themselves in contrived patterns. "Augmented Structures v1.1 : Acoustic Formations/Istiklal Street" is an augmented structure, an installation by Refik Anadol and Alper Derinboğaz which is created through the use of innovative parametric architecture and audiovisual techniques. The projects deals with a new mediated space: How to translate the logic of media into architecture? In this first experiment field recordings of Istiklal Street will be transformed in to parametric architectural structure. The recordings were made by Kerim Karaoglu who also used these recordings to create an electro-acoustical composition. The project seeks interactions between space, sound, visual and light. A similar connection between architecture and media has been experienced in Philips Pavilion of Le Courbusier in 1958. Beyond being an artwork this installation is an urban experience. The scale of surface, 2000sqm, and the dominance of the location will definitely take place in collective memory of İstiklal Street visitors. There will be an exhibition opening on 20th of September in relation to this façade installation which showcases experiments of architecture- sound - visual correlations of Refik Anadol and Alper Derinbogaz. During the night visual performance will be projected on the structure which will be accompanied with a generatively designed contemporary aesthetic visuals consisting of input data from the recordings and their transformed versions synchronized to the movement of graphics re-shaping and transforming the structure on which they are projected. The structure in turn influences and transforms the projections as well. For more information: Refik Anadol / New Media Artist Alper Derinbogaz / Architect Projection Infrastructure: Visio-vox
no.21 Promo Video
TRACK10: Yapım Aşaması / Making Of

TRACK10: Yapım Aşaması / Making Of

TRACK10 İSTANBUL BİLGİ ÜNİVERSİTESİ İLETİŞİM FAKÜLTESİ GÖRSEL İLETİŞİM TASARIMI İLE FOTOĞRAF VE VİDEO BÖLÜMLERİ YILSONU ÖĞRENCİ SERGİSİ İSTANBUL BİLGİ UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO DEPARTMENTS ANNUAL STUDENT EXHIBITION Sergi Kordinatörü / Exhibition Coordinator Mustafa Ercan Zırh Prodüksiyon / Production Manager Ayşegül Dönmez, Töre Erel Sergi Grafik Tasarımı / Exhibition Graphics Design Burak Beceren Hareketli Grafik Tasarımı / Motion Graphics Design Can Büyükberber, Ferdi Alıcı Sergi Salonu Kurulumu / Exhibition Hall Installation Cüneyt Keleşoğlu, Bahadır Dağdelen, Yusuf Kucur, Selay Karasu Yazılım / Software Atilla Özcan, Barış Arı, Yavuz Selim Can Yapım Aşaması / Making-Of Yasemin Deniz, Canan Çengel, Işık Kaya, Burak Erkil, Berkutay Günel Ekip / Crew Ahmet Can Boyan, Akın Baygın, Alper Aytaç, Aykut Durmayaz, Baran Selçuk, Batuhan Öztürk, Berk Özkan, Burak Karcıoğlu, Can Süyev, Cem Öznurlular, Ebru Turgul, Emin Yüksel, Eren Naz Ünal, Fehmi Anıl Olcan, Fulya Alan, Gaye Hekimoğlu, Gökay Çatak, Gökhan Emir, Güneş Öztürk Yılmaz, Gürkan Şerbetçi, Hakan Yantır, Haktan Özer, Hikmet Güler, İsmet Kısaoğlu, Mehmet Kocaoğlu, Nasri Mehdan, Nazım Hikmet Richard Dikbaş, Okan Yıkmış, Onur Eker, Onur Ödemiş, Onat Polat, Ozan Tekin, Sabri Akın, Salih Kahraman, Sırma Doruk, Uğur Matban, Ümit Kitapçigil, Volkan Ölmez, Yasemin Gürül Baskı / Printing 3T Reklam MÜKA Matbaa İlham Kaynağı / Inspration Cem Mirkelam
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